Case Management Services

Screening, Interviewing, Observing and Teaching, Supporting

Case management services encompass all three programs of Family Promise with the ultimate goals of helping guests gain sustainable employment, obtain the services needed to support their family (e.g., child care, transportation) and secure safe and affordable permanent housing. These services begin with the initial screening process: phone interview, criminal background check, and in-person interview.

As the needs of the guests emerge, every effort is made to provide the tools and skills to empower our guests to succeed. These tools and skills include but are not limited to problem-solving, identifying sustainable employment and financial education with a one-on-one volunteer coach in our New Beginnings Program. Our program director assesses the guests' strengths and their specific barriers to self-sufficiency. Guests establish long-term goals for the program and for life and short-term objectives to meet each week. 

With only two staff, relationships with guests are critical to guests’ personal development. Holidays are often spent with volunteers. Guests have access to staff at the day center and volunteers at the host congregation for support, encouragement, counsel, and assistance with handling difficult situations.