Please complete all of the areas below if you will not be paying online.  Please list the mothers and/or fathers to whom you would like a card sent with their contact information.  

If you would like a personalized message included, then please make them below. You may also email this information to us at

Club 300

What is Club 300?

Family Promise Club 300 is a pledge to donate $300 per year to Family Promise of Anderson County.

Club 300 Members may make a donation in honor of or in memory of a beloved parent. Recognition cards will be sent for Mother's Day and Father's Day to these parents. Please provide us their names and contact information using the comments section of the form. 

If you join in April, May or June, $5 of your membership will be applied to a special fund for the children in the program to purchase or make gifts for their parents.

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate as an individual or a group. All donations from groups such as Sunday school classes, bible study groups, gardening or book clubs, family or extended family, civic organizations,
businesses, and congregations are welcome. 

How to participate?
Club 300 donations are accepted by mail or by online payment.

To complete your payment by mail, complete the form online or send a letter with the information to:

Family Promise
PO Box 1466
Anderson, SC 29622

You may sign-up online by clicking the button. For more information, call 864-760-0908 or email us at