Are you facing eviction, job loss, or a medical situation that is depleting you mentally, emotionally, and physically?

Do you know where your children will sleep tonight?

Family Promise of Anderson County (FPAC)provides "a hand up" to homeless children and their families who are facing homelessness.  We help those families regain independence and stable housing through intense case management and financial budgeting. We are able to mobilize community volunteers, social service agencies, and faith-based congregations, together ending homelessness for children and their families one at a time.

How we provide a "Hand up"

Our program is designed to assist those that are willing and desiring to "put in the work"to regain independence for their children. We screen many calls daily from people seeking assistance. Qualified families (guest) are entered into the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN). 

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN):

Lodging for qualified families is provided by congregations of faith (Host Congregations). Host Congregations located across Anderson County provide lodging space for our guest one week at a time.  Each Host Congregation has a team of volunteers who designate their time and resources to express hospitality to FPAC guest.  Volunteers provide fellowship, hot dinners served in a "family style" setting, breakfast and lunch items for the guest to take with them during the day. 

Transitional Housing:  

Our transitional housing program is designed for guest who may need extra time to take care of obstacles that will hinder them from entering into permanent housing. Guest that have successfully completed the IHN program may apply for this program in hopes to extend their stay and receive services. 

Financial Budgeting:

Guest are committing to participate in "one on one" financial coaching. They will develop the fundamental skills necessary to manage finances and debt.

Do you lack support & don't know where to turn?